clean diesel

Diesel Reconsidered - A series on the future of clean diesel.

A series on highlighting the many benefits of the New clean diesel engine.

Part 1 Myth and Facts

Is It Hard to Find a Diesel Station?

In another Audi of America Ad, Audi showcases yet another common misconception; the lack of diesel fueling stations in the US. In this case they demonstrate the prevalence of diesel fueling stations and the fact they are growing in abundance.

Ram brings diesel power back to light-duty pickups

Chrysler's Ram Division is set to introduce a smaller 3.0L "Ecodiesel" to their lineup in the 1500 chassis. This engine also sees usage in the Jeep Division's Grand Cherokee.

The diesel "has the capability of a V-8 with the fuel economy of a V-6,

The rebirth of the diesel engine

A recent surge in clean and advanced diesel engines triggers a surge in popularity that gasoline and electric hybrid can't match.

Common misconceptions about Diesel

Many common Diesel misconceptions

Myth: Diesel engines emit dirty exhaust.

Why Americans should consider diesel

While diesel technology for passenger cars is commonplace for our European cousins, often when Americans think of diesel engines, it often conjures images of large trucks and smelly exhaust. This is our traditional image of diesel.